Friday, 21 November 2014

Ayam Belacan Goreng Terendam (Deep Fry Shrimp Paste Chicken)

This is a specialty of ToH! I made this a couple of times too, but since ToH mastered it, why should I dirty my hands in the kitchen when I can indulge in my novel while ToH is working on it kan? This recipe is super simple and is loved by many! 

Kak Lynn(yes the lazy one!) would go thru all the trouble to go to the supermarket and buy the chicken wings whenever we suggested making this recipe. The best part of all is that we don’t have to spend a single cent, as Kak Lynn will always be happy to sponsor. The only thing that we need to contribute is preparing and cooking it. But heck! Prepping time would only take about 10 minutes and 1 hour of refrigeration once the wings are marinated and then off to fry! We could eat this by it’s own or with steaming hot rice and veggies. Best to do when you’re short of time and there are ad hoc guests visiting. 

In my earlier entry (Nasi Kerabu A’la Mek Som), ToH prepared this as the side dish. We had 20 pieces of Chicken Wings and 5 invited guests as "testers". Guess What? Both the Sambal Nasi Kerabu and 20 pieces of Chicken Wings were gone in a flash. I don’t know whether to be happy or to be scared. Happy that they love it, or scared because I’m not sure what sort of creatures I have invited into the house?! Haha. 

All you need to have is just:
20 pieces of Chicken Wings. Separate the drummet and wingette and cut the tip off 
4 tablespoons of wheatflour 
10 cloves of garlic (crushed and minced) 
2 tablespoons of Pepper (you can also use black pepper if you want) 
5 tablespoons of powdered prawn paste. (If you can’t find these at your store; you can make your own. Fry the prawn paste on your wok without oil and keep on stirring until it crumbles then dry out and becomes powder) 
Salt to taste. 

How to:
In a bowl, toss your drummet and wingette with all the ingredients except flour.
Once all is coated, add flour and toss again.
Refrigerate at least an hour before deep frying.
You can also add in 2 lightly beaten egg whites if you wish.

** Happy Trying! **


  1. wow...makan dgn nasi kerabu..atau dgn nasi putih panas2..

  2. Salam Rosdi,

    First time dengar ayam goreng belacan. Ish kena try ni! Terima kasih ye :)

  3. Assalam Rosdi,
    Congratulations for being featured in the youth travelog 18th nov yang lalu..
    indeed an eye opener for me...
    semuga more to come ya....:)
    ayam goreng belacan ni kita pernah cuba dulu dah lama dah ..memang sedap...:)



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