Friday, 3 June 2011

Talam Suji

Just remembered that I promised Puan Mazni to post the ‘Talam Suji’ recipe here in my blog, that was like four months ago. Alamak, sorry yek Maz, sibukkan hal hal lain sampai terabai permintaan hang. Jangan sampai kempunan dah la yer?

Puan Mazni is my old friend, that I’ve known during college heydays. One of the popular girls in my batch. We’ve been through a lot as student and best friends as we’re taking the same course and in the same class, and I considered it as one of the precious and happy times. I remembered that whenever there is guy interested to get to know her, they will come to me first, either to get permission or some tips on how to start. As if I’m her agent kan? I know at least a bunch of guys in my class who’s interested in her, but couldn’t reveal it here as some people might get offended.

After college, we sort of lost contact but thanks to face book that allow us to get re-connected. Anyway Maz and the blog reader, here’s the recipe, and if you tried it, let me know how it goes ok?

Talam Suji (I normally use 25cm x 25cm tray)
Bottom layer:-
220gm fine semolina flour (tepung suji)
650ml coconut milk
1 screwpine leave (daun pandan)
200gm sugar
7gm salt
A few drops of yellow food colouring

Top layer:-
135gm flour (tepung gandum)
15gm cornflour (tepung jagung)
650ml thick coconut milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
150 gm palm sugar (gula merah)
80gm sugar
3 eggs
7gm salt
Black or dark brown food colouring if desired


Note: oil/grease your tray with a cooking oil or butter

Bottom layer:-
Place a fine semolina flour and yellow food colouring in a pot. Blend coconut milk, pandanus leave, sugar and salt. Sieve to get only the liquid and mix in with the flour. Stir on a medium heat until it becomes thick or until it covered the back of the metal spoon. Then transfer it into the tray and steam it for about 15 minutes. Prepare the top layer…

Top layer:-
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Sieve/filter to get only the liquid and place in a pot. After 10 – 15 minutes of steaming the bottom layer, place the pot of the top layer on a medium heat and stir till the mixture thickens. Before pour it on top of the bottom layer, scratch the bottom layer with a fork to make sure that the top and bottom layer won’t separate when you cut it. After pouring the top layer, steam for another 15 minutes. Let it cool before cutting.

Happy trying or if you have doubts on some of the process, let me know and I’ll explain further.


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