Monday, 10 March 2014

Misconception of Exercising and perangai kawan aku sekor!

   It was a beautiful Saturday morning (well, kalau tak cakap mcm tu tak sedap pulakk entry nanti kann?). Kak Wan slept over at our place.  The night before, we planned to have a brisk walking session at Hutan Bandar, just to bagi semangat to Kak Lynn that’s been complaining about her swollen leg and have been worrying sick about her health condition.  Kadang kadang menyampah jugak dengan dia! Despite our advises (ye lah kita bukannya doctor) to have her health checked and to live a more healthy lifestyle.. tetap dia tak mau juga!! Her days are spent idling with her Note 2 in her hands and messaging or social media-ing non-stop while lying down in bed doing nothing! All she cares about is flirting on-line, eating, smoking and lazing around – even the laundry was left unattended for 4 to 5 weeks! At times I felt disgusted but due to the friendship and bond that we had over the years, nak tak nak I have to close one eye. Perhaps I could tolerate it for another two-months or perhaps by next week if she doesn’t shows any progress I could grab her by the hair and drag her out to the yard to mow the lawn, cut down the banana trees in the front yard or pick grass from both the front and the backyard.  (Gawd! I could feel smoke coming out from my head as I’m writing this. Marah pon kira exercise jugak kan?)

   Sebelum idea menulis aku hilang, lets go back to cerita asal tentang exercise tu.. At 11pm, Kak Lynn and Kak Wan bid good night and went to bed.  Kak Wan promised to wake us up at 6am.  Due to my unpredictable sleeping pattern, I could not sleep that night, at least not until its 5 am (yawns).  When I heard Kak Wan knocking the door, I sleepily said to her to give me another 5 minutes but considering that she has made this effort, I quickly went to have my shower and feel refreshed!

   A new day’s dawning!  The aromatic smell of hot tea brewed by her shedded off any remaining feeling of reluctantness in me. I glanced over the louvred window and saw the beautiful blue morning sky and thought to myself that this morning could be nice… to breathe fresher air in the park later.  Waking Kak Lynn up had spoiled some of the excitement and perhaps it is the chore that I would never want to partake ever again!  We got out of the house at slightly after 7.30am despite the original plan of 6.30am! 1 hour late! This is all because of the umpteenth, thousands of excuses she had given to cancel the plan! Imagine… an hour late ni pon dia tak mandi lagi, if she bersiap and all? We could have our first step in the park at 11.59am!  If it’s not against the law, I would definitely have squeezed her into her laundry basket and dump her into the washing machine, just to let it spin her brain to clean all her ‘dirty-lazy-self’ and then tumble dry out her messy-lazy-schedule to a smooth and crisp clean finish!! I still feel the anger in me – even now! Too many a times I would calm myself down by saying “kak lynnnn, kak lynnnnnn” while shaking my head…

   When we finally got to Hutan Bandar, the place was already bustling with people… Mostly tua tua ganyut la (just despising them because I’m nearly as old.. haha). We had (okay not going to lie here) a nice walking session by joking around with each other while breathing in the cool air and not to mention the ‘cuci mata’, but too bad ... only a few that can quench this extremely thirsty eyes, but that’s that, as mostly came with their partner! (So you could keep your ‘flirting’ mood aside Rosdi!)

   We took about one hour to complete our light exercises and after that ToH suggested to head home to freshen up but the rest of the gang insisted that we head for breakfast. Hutan Bandar food court was our next stop.. 

The pictures below are self-explanatory! You go and have light exercise and yet you have a heavy breakfast afterwards.. and that is not all …Once we reached home … we had this Gordon Ramsey version of Croissant, Smoked Beef and Scramble eggs for another ‘Self-Fattening’ session (lapar lagi katanya!)

Now I allow you people to judge us, tak guna exercise kalau melantak selepas tu kann? I won’t fight back this time… Yes only this one time..

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