Thursday, 3 June 2010

Talam Suji (Semolina Cake)

Honestly, I never knew that this ‘kuih’ even existed, till 2006 when Adan told me that his mom used to make it. I only knew that semolina always associate with cookies that was quite popular here in Malaysia. But the funny thing is, though they call it Semolina cookies but it was from ghee, nothing from semolina flour (Only that I didn’t know whether that semolina flour was made from ghee or otherwise. I need to find out about that one fact) I’ve heard about semolina cake though, but never even tasted it. So, it’s kind of weird to me. However, I got the recipe from Adan’s mother and put it to experimentations and voilla! It’s heaven.

Some of the ingredients that I use to make this talam suji are semolina flour, wheat flour, eggs, pandanus leaves, brown sugar and coconut milk. It has a fragrant and sweet taste from the semolina flour and pandanus leave on the bottom layer, and sweet and creamy taste of brown sugar on the top layer.

Below are some of the photos of Talam Suji that was taken when I got the order from Bangsawan Kiosk in Pavillion last week.

The price per piece is RM 0.30 and the minimum order is 50 pieces (self collect) and 100 pieces (I can arrange to deliver if it’s in Klang Valley Area)
FRESH from the tray

Tea time...


  1. aku suka kuih ini..
    rasa kuih ko, sama seperti kuih yg mak aku bikin... sedap!!

    keep it up!

  2. ari tu dah order... mmg puas hati..
    ramai puji masa kenduri kawin adik aku.



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