Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Official Launch

Kind of excited and nervous as this is my first entry. Not that I have never written a blog before, only that this one is quite different as it has its’ goals set. And its goals are to share with you what was once my passionate pastime, but now my career and business, COOKING! I don’t really remember how or when I started cooking, or started loving it. But I’ve been cooking for quite a while when I suddenly felt joy at seeing people enjoying my food. I did not have a proper training, and cooked mostly by trial and error. I also had some guidance from my mom and especially my late dad. My mom is well known for her specialty of Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang, and my Dad always cooked at a wedding and was always fussy about food.

When I was in my teens, me and my sister, Jijah, used to cook to satisfy our taste buds! Too often when she came back from work, we would stroll to the market and start creating the recipes in our heads. We would then buy the necessary ingredients, and sometimes even the unnecessary ones, just to satisfy our curiousity Some of our recipes went very well and needless to say, some were major disasters! But still, the experimentations taught us what would go great with what ingredient.

After finishing college, I lived off my parents, while sharing a condominium with my best friend Adan (who is now my cooking muse. He has the touch of angel when it comes to food. I always love it when he cooks), as well as Lynn (who knew nuts about cooking but was a very willing participant to our cooking adventures). During all those years of living on our own, we always miss the home-cooked meals prepared by our respective parents. We didn’t like to eat out as the food served seemed the same everywhere. Eventually, we were forced to cook for ourselves, Adan with his mother’s guidance, and I with mine. In 2002, when my dad fell sick, I decided to return home and take care of him. Living in a small town, there was nothing much I could do other than being there with my father. My days were spent idly and helping my sister at her small stall in front of our house didn’t give me enough challenge. Boredom and the need for some income made my decision for me. After much thought, I decided to make some ‘kuih’ and sell it to some of the breakfast stalls in the area.

My kuih become quite a ‘hit’ within a short time.

I received good returns for my effort and I was busy everyday. Soon I received orders for parties and events and that became the turning point in my kuih making history. In 2005, LOVE brought me back to KL, leaving my sizeable kuih business behind. I did miss it, but pacified myself by cooking and hosting friends every now and then. Hearing them praise my food was good enough and that was how I got my cooking fix for the past 5 years.

Then this week, I received a few orders from some friends and a kuih stall in Pavilion. My heart started pounding again, and pleasure coursed through my veins. I took that opportunity to make extra,and distributed the ‘kuih’ out to see if they were still good. They were! They received rave reviews and I was happy.

It was then when I realized that cooking and seeing people happy eating my food was the one joyful thing in my life. I realized how I missed that all these years. How seeing satisfaction on people’s was the adrenaline that made me keep on trying to be the best cook I can be.

Yeah, I think I can do this. I know I can do this. And yes! I am doing this. So,

my friends, readers and future clients... welcome to My Kuih Story blogspot!!

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  1. nice story and incredible struggle....
    i will always support it....



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