Thursday, 10 June 2010

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake? This is the most common cake and I guess almost everybody who learns to bake will start with this first. I don’t fancy chocolate cake, not even chocolate. The only chocolate that I’m madly in lust with is Cherry Ripe from Australia that come with a coconut filling. (So kampung kan?)

Last night, we had a guest who came for a visit and it’s his birthday. So, somebody suggested that I bake this chocolate cake for a small celebration. I’m lucky that almost every ingredients are already in the refrigerator.. so, there’s no need to rush over to the store to do some last minute shopping.
Adan used to make a lot of this during Hari Raya. Well, if you guys feel like you want to indulge in this beautiful sin, you can place order (at least give 3 days in advance), and the price is RM 40.00.

Chocolate cake in the process:-

That carnation pun has to be in chocolate colour sebab aku malas nak buat buttercream.

Ni setelah dipotong and ready to consume..


  1. Damn! I need me some chocolate love

  2. nanti aku masuk spital ahad ni kan..
    kau bawak kek ni.. kekekekeke
    gurau je..



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