Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pumpkin Butter Cake - Kek Mentega Labu

Hantu Labu! Haaa itulah aku... Selain digelar Hantu Daun Selasih dan Hantu Laut... eh eh silap... Hantu Makanan Laut!

Kalau Labu ni, korang buat apa pun tetap aku akan suka.  Masak lemak ke, masak kuih ker, masak manisan ke .. apa apa jelah!. Even biji labu and pucuk labu pun aku hentam sekali.  Anyway, I’m not going to talk much about this ‘Labu’ or pumpkin. I have had enough talking over the week... ramblings and nagging Kak Lynn for her lazy-slug-self to change her attitude.  So, I’m kinda jadedKak Lynn and ToH don’t really fancy pumpkin, so... I am making it for myself to indulge. Just a small one, feeling good that I can have it all for myself! Yeahhhh! 

Tapi… sadly enough, when its fresh out from the oven, it smelled and tasted so good that  I called everyone in the house to have a bite but I ended up with only crumbles left on the plate! (sigh).  I still have more than half of the pumpkin left but don’t think that I’ll make another.  Probably will be doing other types of cake.

Over the weekend, went out to Jusco to buy Portobello Mushrooms and Fresh Oregano for the "Jacket Potato" inspired from Ayu in her Curlybabe’s Satisfaction blog.  But heck! Too much activity going ons and they eventually ended up in the fridge.  ToH went back to Singapore last night so perhaps, I’m going to bake it on Wednesday when ToH is here.

Let’s look at this extremely simple recipe

150 gm Butter
120 gm Caster Sugar
3 eggs (B size)
50 gm milk
200 gm self-raising flour
150 gm pumpkin (steam or cook then mash it up)
Pumpking seeds for topping … the more you sprinkle the better

Beat the butter and caster sugar till fluffy
Add eggs – one at a time and beat well
Add self raising flour and milk alternately
Add pumpkin ada mix with spatula
Pour the mixture into loaf pan (not sure the size – mine is about 8’x3’ and about 2.5 inches in height. Bought it at Daiso and don’t really measure)
Sprinkle the pumpkin seed on top
Bake at 170 degree celcius about 40 – 50 minutes depending on your oven

Let it cool completely before consuming.  Mine was still hot when I sliced it.. but this is the time when the taste and smell will wake up your tastebuds!  I baked some leftover batter in ramekins and they turned out beautiful too!


  1. Hmm...sedapnya kek labu! Pernah cuba sekali tp dr resepi blogger lain. Ada resepi kuih kacau labu tak?

    1. Cik Ta, saya ada resepi kuih kacau labu tu .. nak suruh saya buat and post entry ke, atau nak hantar kat email?

  2. I'm a pumpkin lover too. I like it in sweet or savory dishes. Boleh la buat kacau labu and post it in your blog.



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