Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kek Kukus Lapis Vitagen (Vitagen Steamed Layered Cake)

Gawd! A year passed since the last time I made any cake. Even felt that my hand was too stiff to even sieve the flour. But yes! The end result was not disappointing.  And it’s all gone in two days.  Thank you Kak Lynn for giving me the expression that it was delicious (not to mention that half of the cake is consumed by you!  And stop pointing that finger telling that I’m responsible for the reason that you have to change your wardrobe to one size bigger!)

            I remembered that Layered Cake is one of the popular desserts during Hari Raya.  Yes, sold that a lot during raya.  But with too many demands I could not possibly doing it and cater for all, thus I’m sharing this recipe so that you guys can make one, or lots of them and save a lot of your cash (but not the time though).

1.   500gm butter
2.   250gm castor sugar
3.   10 eggs
4.   150 ml plain yoghurt
5.   300 gm flour sift together with
6.   2 teasp baking powder
7.   30gm milk powder
8.   150ml vitagen (apple flavour)
9.   150ml vitagen (grape flavour
10. few drops of green colouring
11. few drops of purple colouring

Here is how
1.   Cream butter and sugar until creamy
2.   Add eggs one by one, beat well after each
3.    Fold in sifted flour and baking powder
4.   Add in milk powder
5.     Add in yoghurt
6.     Divide mixture into two portions
7.     Add Apple Vitagen and green colouring and 
      Grape Vitagen and purple colouring on the 
8.     Grease the base of cake tin.  I used 7 inches 
      cake tin ( you can also use 8 but the cake will 
      be slightly shorter)
9.     Spread a thing layer of purple mixture and 
      steam for about 7 minutes
10.  Add another thin layer of green mixture and 
      steam for about another 7 minutes.
11.  Repeat the process until all the mixtures are used up

Note : If you’re not sure on how much to steam for each layer, you can use a measuring cup.  Pour about 125 – 150 ml for each layer.  I made mine double of that measuring cup guide, that is why when you look at the picture at the bottom, each layer is quite thick.  Remember, the thicker the layer goes, the cooking time to steam needs to be increased. Also make sure you check that the layer is already cooked before pouring the next layer. The flavours can be changed to your liking too!

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