Tuesday, 11 February 2014


           Last week, masa kami jalan-jalan di Tesco Tebrau City, we found these, packed in attractive packaging. Memandangkan I'm currently having a ‘cooking frenzy’ month, we bought quite a few. ToH had told me about these nicely packed herbs weeks before and when I laid my eyes on them, I immediately fell in love!

            I would like to dedicate this entry to my ‘beloved trainee’ who is now more eager then ever to start cooking from my entries. Sharing what I know, hoping that it will come in handy to her once she finishes her training and live independently, cooking on her own again. 

            As we are all aware, each culture’s cuisine have their own herbs and more often then not, they are borrowed cross-culture.  Without herbs our lives will be bland – just like plain water without any flavour, or the sea without fish! - Cewah! Merepek pulak aku ni..

            Herbs can be defined as part of a plant or a plant itself that is used for the purpose of medical or healing properties, have aromatic qualities and plays a major role in enhancing or producing flavour in the ‘food preparation department’.  But confuse not, even though herbs and spices are the agents to enhance the flavour and taste of food, there are differences between these two.  Herbs are normally associated with the leafy or green part of a plant that don’t get woody.  Mostly their lifespan is shorter. Most will die after growing season ends unlike spices, which could grow into hundreds of years.  Eh, macam cerita Lord of The Rings la pulak..

            When I was a kid, I was only exposed to Eastern and Asian herbs but when I got to see the outside world, I discovered that there are more herbs then one can remember! In this entry, I will share the ones that I know and use in my cooking.

             For the Eastern tropical or Asian country, the commonly used herbs are Basil (Daun Selasih), Vietnamese Mint (Daun Kesum), Coriander Leaves or Cilantro (Daun Ketumbar), Bay Leaf (Daun Salam), Chives (Kucai), Scallion (Daun Bawang), Mint (Pudina), Chinese Parsely, Ginger Torch (Bunga Kantan), Curry Leaves (Daun Kari), Kaffir Lime Leaves (Daun Limau Purut) and Tumeric Leaves (Daun Kunyit)

The ones that are commonly used in the western cookings are Dill, Rosemary, Thyme, Tarragon, Oregano, Marjoram, Mint, Parsely, Sage and Savory.

There is definitely more to name, but that is all that I can think of for now, being the ones that I have used before.  It is interesting to know that a tiny piece of herb can bring out the flavour or aroma of your food to a different level.  Amongst all these herbs – Basil is my favourite!

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