Tuesday, 4 February 2014

CNY Fever!

Oh, memang fever! Sebab terlalu banyak main mercun then terlalu banyak makan mandarin oranges.  Yeah, talking about oranges, had a lot here in the fridge.  Ada yang manis, masam, pahit and buruk pun ada. Not to mention muka housemate aku yang dah mcm kulit limau during this festive season.

So as not to let the mandarin oranges go to waste, I decided to make use of it.  A mango beancurd pudding with a gist of mandarin oranges and grapes.

Normally, when you buy the beancurd pudding mixture, all the instruction will be printed on the packaging, so I won’t put it here.  The one that I’ m making is mango flavoured – I guess, it would go better with peach, but then, who will eat the oranges then?  

So let me present to you ..

A Chinese New Year Mango Flavoured Beancurd Pudding with fresh Mandarin Oranges and Grapes!

Ya Allah... panjangnya nama!



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