Saturday, 8 January 2011

Vanilla Cup Cake

Semalam masa sembang sembang ngan kenalan baru, Shikin, Naff and Elle, aku ada bagitau that I have a food blog here in blogspot. They were asking if I’m doing cup cakes and told them that I did. Balik rumah, browsing through my thousands of photo collections and found this. Aku rasa, this is the simplest recipe that I have and would like to share it with my blog readers.

Vanilla Cupcakes

290gm self raising flour
250gm butter
210gm castor sugar
2tsp vanilla essence (or any other desired flavour)
4tbsp fresh milk
4 eggs (B size)

Method :-
Beat eggs and sugar till light and fluffy
Add in butter and beat until incorporated
Add vanilla
Add flour underlow speed
Add milk
Transfer to paper or soufflé cup
Bake at 180 degree celcius for 15 - 20 mins)

p/s : the best thing about this cupcake recipe, pukul gula dan telur dulu sampai ringan dan kembang.. lepas tu, tak kisahlah nak taruk apa dulu. Tetap akan menjadi.

Aku tak buat topping pun for this one, tapi sprinkled some chocolate chips and chopped walnut supaya benda alah ni tak nampak terlalu plain. Surprisingly, when I made this on Raya Eve, first batch tu habis malam tu jugak. All of my nephews and nieces cakap sedap. Even my mom yang tak makan kek pun bedal beberapa biji, sampaikan kakak ipar siap tapau bawak balik. Dapat jugak bagi mak Adan a few pieces, the next morning.. habis licin. Hehehe.

Gambar this one aku buat guna muffin punya cup sebab nak banyak sikit isi kandungnya..hehe (tamakkan?)


  1. abang rosdi : i love chocolate cupcakes..
    please bake for me...
    LOVE YOU :)

  2. Wow! the cupcake look fantastic, the paper cups look gorgeous and I believe the taste is wola.... I haven't start any baking yet this year, definitely this will be my first experiment. Thanks for the great recipe.



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