Sunday 6 March 2011

For the love of MG!!

Writing this not to tell the whole world that I’m in love with her, yes, I’m in love with her but not that kind of love ok? 

Dia tu isteri orang.. karang tak pasal pasal laki dia langgar aku ngan kete wira dia.. haha. She ordered this long ago… right before CNY, but something came up so she didn’t get to collect it, neither do I have the opportunity to deliver it… so terbengkalai kat rumah. 

I know that its’ shelf-life is very long. 4 bulan pun boleh simpan lagi as long as tak bukak dia punya tape tu. Tapi, for this dear friend, I want her to have the one that is fresh from the oven. So, selepas almost one month.. I had to open the package when my nephew came to visit me from Johor. Actually bukak bukan for him, tapi for his girlfriend that he just introduced to me.. biasala aku kan? Berbudi tak bertempat… haha. 

The remaining package di beli oleh si Arif on his way home to visit his parents. Tup tup his sister liked it and ordered 3 packages more. That was good… As for MG, I ought to make another batch for her… I know she’ll be mad because lambat but I’m sure that the sweetness of this cookies will make it up to her..


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