Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hayyan is 5 yeay!!!

Honestly, I never liked birthdays. It often reminded me of my lost years. I don't mind aging provided it come with lots of wisdoms. When I was a small kid, my siblings used to host my birthday party that dalam 'keterpaksaan' I had to smile. But when I grow old, I normally elope on my birthday to some place that nobody knew. Tapi today, we're not going to talk about my birthday but Hayyans'

Ms Nadia; Hayyan's mom who worked at IIC order dengan aku Banana Chocolate Cake and knowing that her son is a fan of superheroes, she requested supaya aku boleh accomodate to Hayyan's interest. Tapi, memandangkan aku nih tak berapa bertauliah, not to mention the turntable yang aku masih belum beli (mesti kena seranah dengan Moon nih kalau dia baca), kami pun decidela tuk buat Ben 10. to order that edible image, kenala amik masa sikit, so I ordered the simple one. I thot based on that black and white picture, the image looks fine. Tapi, bila dapa aje, it's much too plain to excite even a small kid like Hayyan.

Being me yang masih belajar tips & tricks of cake baking, akupun tidak lah pulak di turunkan idea oleh yang maha kuasa tentang bagaimana nak membuat image tu nampak more appealing and interesting, melainkan menambah 'decor gel' jer. So, the photo was taken from Ms Nadia's blog.

to Hayyan - have the most wonderful Birthday! tapi kena skiplah uncle punya cake yang tak semenggah tu yer?? and to Ms. Nadia, thank you for supporting MyKuihStory..

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